It has been awhile. Two months, exactly. Two very long-seeming months in which many things have passed on under the bridge, all of them without note, at least on this forum. Some, I'm just not ready to comment on. Some, I probably won't. Mostly, I've been feeling alternately too exhausted or too inarticulate to get things down, much less with some minor level of readability.

Some of the highlights:
- Peter and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary.
- Entelechy passed through the second year since my first post.
- It got warm. (65!)
- It got light. (nearly 20 hrs of it!)
- I started another interminable Graduate Quarter.
- I started training for a job as a Bus Driver & Guide To The Arctic.
- I started volunteering at Calypso again - under the guy who took the job I really wanted. (Talk About Character Building.)
- The birch trees finally budded!

I'm going to spend my upcoming birthday on the road again - this year without Peter. I have to go down to Palmer to get my Wilderness First Responder certification renewed, and we decided that Peter should save his days off for a fun trip - not a trip in which I'll be cramming all night, trying to remember which abdominal-quadrant-pains signify emergency and which signify too much bean soup.

But I will rhapsodize about my ambivalence on those travels closer in. This Sunday will mark my first (of many, this summer) crossing of the Arctic Circle as I head up to Coldfoot with the cohort of new guides at Little Tour Company (not, for now, it's real name.) I am squealing school-girl excited about this, less about the Circle than to finally (FINALLY!) see the Brooks Range and Gates of the Arctic and Wiseman and maybe (oh, cross your fingers!) just maybe there will be seats on the puddle-jumper and I will get to visit Anaktuvuk Pass for a few hours before we head back to Fairbanks. Either way, I promise you pictures!

In the interim, I've been procrastinating like a grand champion and stressing myself out in the process, thinking a lot about writing and blogging, direction, dreams and practicalities. About being married, about being in Fairbanks, about being in a graduate program that I am less than enthusiastic about. In the mean time, we are still plugging away at life. I am still ignoring my inbox, and this blog. And the sunlight is growing ... and growing ...