I can't decide if it was the cold or the cravings that did it. The cold was unexpected. At least, unexpected in it's force. I'd read about how you get really cold, but sitting in my fully heated house, clothed for an arctic expedition, wrapped in blankets, shivering, I thought: this is ridiculous. And I suppose it wasn't really the cravings, those were managable. I sorta wanted pizza. I had a dream about getting a buffalo chicken salad at the mall this morning. But really, I wasn't hungry at all. The crazy maple lemonade crap was quite filling. I just wanted to eat. To cook. I missed having the experiance of partaking in food being part of my day.

In the end, Peter and I decided to do this another time. Going on a super-long, cold inducing, energy sapping (at least initially) health fast in the middle of the first major cold snap in the area, while working 50+ hours a week, planning a wedding and applying to graduate school just didn't seem like stellar timing on our part.

Or we should go into professional rationalization. At least, we are resolved to do it when it warms up in the spring. At any rate, that buffalo chicken salad at the mall tonight sure hit the spot.

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