I ended up being pretty flippant in yesterday's post about the relationship between food and the cleanse and I. Today, I'm going to post a more serious and much more well written snippit that gets at the heart of what I wanted to say ... but was too tired and tongue tied to hack out. This is from a poster on the MC Forum I referenced yesterday. She got it exactly. Why mess with perfection?

"I must say that the experience of my first MC has been very emotionally healing. On the first day all I could think about was food. Food food food all day long. There were times when I would get bored and think "oh my God now what am I supposed to do with myself?" As if eating were a part of my identity. This got me present to how much food is swirling around in my mind and how emotionally attached I am to it. How often I would turn to food in order to deal with whatever it was that I didn't want to be dealing with. How food was my answer for boredom. These past few nights while sitting on my couch watching movies I had to deal with the strongest urge to go and eat. The great thing about this cleanse is that you have to just deal with those thoughts and feelings because in order to give in, you have to drink OJ for two days and then have soup and then you get to have whatever it was that you wanted while on that couch.

It's not that I wasn't aware of this before but now I REALLY get it. I have gone 10 days without food and 10 days without the guilt that I would feel when I would eat something that wasn't all too healthy. It's so freeing to not be bombarded with thoughts surrounding food and guilt associated with food. I am so grateful that I did this cleanse. Not only for physiological reasons but for the relaxation of my mind that came with it. Just thought I would share." - Roses

(Roses, if you see this ... thanks for letting me share!)

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