There are several kinds of 'tests' where one is shown a neutral image, and asked to articulate what one sees. This is supposed to help pinpoint aspects of one's personality, tendencies and pathologies. There is the traditional Rorschach ink blot test, and those 'perception' type tests where some see an old hag woman, and others a beautiful maid (but you can see both, if the respective noses are pointed out.) There are myriads of internet quizzes asking one to choose between shades, shapes and patterns towards the same (dubious?) end. Peter and I have discovered another, one that we believe is highly accurate, quick and simple.

Yesterday, Peter decided it was time for a summer shearing (click here for the story.) This was the result.
When my sister saw the New Peter, she had a positive reaction - but one that differed significantly from my own. I think this difference demonstrates a concrete gauge of our polarized socio-political persuasions. Our reaction to the new look was instantaneous. Both pronouncements were intoned with affection. But they were very, very different.

Sarah saw an newly shorn Army Recruit.

I saw a Buddhist Monk.

Go figure.


PS. I got my new passport this week in the mail. When Peter saw this picture

he said, "You look like a serial killer."

Um. Thanks, man. I'm not even going to try to analyze that one.


beholdhowfree said...

Welcome Peter to the Bald Club. Your dues are payable to: "BeholdHowFree, Houston, TX."

maria said...

check's in the mail. is there a newsletter? fine dining discounts? life insurance offers? what if it grows back?!? (which it will ... you KNOW how I feel about long hair on boys.) *grin*