Notes from this weekend's Interior Region EMS Symposium:

Ankle breaks are tib-fib breaks. Splint the knee.

If a teenager needs Narcan, push it slow. Very. Very. Slow.

Do Not Ever Throw Up On Your Patient.

In a (rural, snowed-in) pinch, administer vodka and OJ for antifreeze poisoning.

In a (urban, professional) pinch, run over to the animal clinic across the street from the hospital to get the antifreeze diagnosis. Kids are mammals, too.

The CSM check they teach you in EMT-I is insufficient if there are orthopedic injuries to the limb.

40% of PICU deaths (here) result directly from abuse trauma. Ergo, if you pick up a pediatric trauma, Document Everything You See.

Five wraps around an anchor will secure the rope for anything. No knots required.

Shoulder dislocation and shoulder separation are different injuries and require different treatment. Know Before You Sling.

Don't let the vendor start talking.

Tib-Fib & Ulna-Radial fractures can dislocate proximal to the injury site. Check before you splint.

Seagulls have wing bone structure almost identical to human arm bone structure. And they are stinky.

Dress Your Knots. Or Don't.

Blue tarantulas and red-plaid fish exist in nature.

The Paramedic program will mail out acceptance & rejection notices before the end of the month.

Regardless, plans are set that will have us paddling a week of the Yukon at the end of June ... which feels more important at the moment.


Winston said...

My favorite from that list is:

Do Not Ever Throw Up On Your Patient.

I've got an Outback just like yours, 'cept mine is the rusty red color, I think they called it Regatta Red. Still looks like rust to me...

maria said...

Yeah ... basic advice tends to be the best.

beholdhowfree said...

wow, you have picked a very interesting career