Today dawned sunny and warm. A few scattered clouds. Slight breeze. There were moose in the ponds at the bottom of the valley, munching away on spring growth. Ducks swam in their wake. I took the day off work, to be woken at seven by the woodpecker drilling on the roof. The dog and I sat on the porch in the sunshine talking to my folks on the phone.

There was a mocha early in the day. Brownies were made. A new CD was received, and a gift card for milkshakes at the local ice-cream place. New fake crocs from my down-the-street EMT friend - now my official summer outhouse shoes - were used with much success to navigate the marshy path to the facilities. The rest of our vegetable seeds were planted, and plastic covers made for each of the longboxes to protect against sudden summer chills. A box for Peter's record collection was made with the scrap wood. So was a handle for the outhouse hole cover. Thank goodness.

A long summer nap was taken, all four of us in close proximity. Co-napping is the best kind.

Many good wishes were received by friends and family by phone and over the internet.

It was a mellow day. A beautifully sunny day. A perfect day to celebrate being.

Thank you all for making it what it was ...

[twenty eight]


pete said...

Happy birthday sweetheart.

streetwise said...

Happy Birthday, Mary! Glad you were able to relax and enjoy it fully.

At A Hen's Pace said...

Happy BELATED Birthday!!!