I had planned several posts after Toolik. My sister and I had enough adventures over her week in Alaska (and we took enough pictures) for several installments. Then there was a curious incident involving a boy in respiratory arrest in Anchorage, which certainly merited a page or so. After I got back to Fairbanks, there were several days running the overbooked kennel - which is, of course, undergoing major renovations - while the boss was out of town. Then there was the very unusual four-call-shift at the rural fire station last Sunday, and my first responding-from-home calls ... which means getting to a patient before the ambulance for the first time. There were several trips up the haul road with bus-loads of tourists, full of characters with fascinating stories of their own. And then today I rode along as a medic for a borough-wide mass-casualty drill. And the garden, all this time, has been growing by leaps and bounds in the midnight sun. The peas are shooting up so fast, I can hardly keep them supplied with strings to climb on.

[peas four days ago ... already 6" higher]

[hang on!]
There is plenty to write about, but not enough time to get it all down. But I was planning on getting it all down this weekend, or at least making some headway. I am now off of the call list for tours and on a very limited schedule at the kennel, because I am hoping that despite the cold, wet, fire-free summer here in the Interior, something, somewhere will burn and the firefighters putting it out will need band-aids and SAM splints.

California, of course, is burning right up. As more and more of the Fire Medics headed off to those blazes, I was beginning to wonder if my name would ever come up.

Tonight it did. I got the call right after five, and will head out to the Cub Complex in Lassen National Forest in the morning. Although I have been packed for a month, I re-packed and re-checked everything twice tonight, and will probably do it all over again in the morning.

[re-checking gear]
So much for a mild Alaskan summer. California here we come.


kara said...

mary, you are so hardcore. :) you inspire me. hope it all goes ok in CA.

At A Hen's Pace said...

Congratulations on your peas...and on your fire call!

Be safe--


Xana's Family said...

wow, maybe a mild Alaskan summer will call for you another round some year. In the meantime, I'm impressed with the multitude and magnitude of your adventures.

Sarah said...

Hey.. just checked in... sorry I dont keep up consistently enough, but you REALLY need to write #1 about my trip (haha I know I am very selfish) and #2 about the fires!!! And everything else that is going on in your life since I left, because I am not sure if I know