At eight o'clock this morning, I will sit down in a classroom with sixteen other students. Four are from my fire department. One is from the Fire Medic program. The rest are strangers. We are this year's Paramedic Academy class. We won't be strangers for long.

Early this week, faced with a stack of books best measured in feet and every Paramedic school horror story I've been told and re-told over the last four months echoing in my head I was having second thoughts. Lots of them. On Thursday, I responded to three very different calls that restored my confidence and resolve. This morning, I'm as ready as I'll ever be ...


firefighter08 said...

M- if you are interested, I have written a novel about wildland firefighters, One Foot in the Black. Covers a lot of the rookie training at a Helitak camp in S. California. Its called One Foot in the Black. You know what that means. Be safe
Kurt Kamm

Motivated Medic said...

I am starting the medicademy as well, and also have 16 in my class. I wonder which one of us will have the most number of students in the end. Good luck!