The White Cloud continues to hang over me. I turned my pager off last night for the first time all week, and there were two calls - major hemorrhage & an MVA - within two hours. I could have walked to the MVA before the ambulance arrived. Paranoia only grows.

I made a milk run to Freddie's tonight and caught Steve Wariner on Prairie Home Companion playing a guitar piece that tore my heart in a way I haven't felt in a long time. I sat in the parking lot until he was done, although I left the engine running since the temps had dropped from a balmy -25 to -35. This morning, when I drove by on my way to proctor an EMT-I test, the temperature reading was nothing short of brutal at -41. I hope things warm up like they are predicting for Turkey Day.

My LPN supervisor shocked me on Friday by sitting down and telling me that if I left the clinic for an EMS job, she wouldn't hold it against me. After my interview last September, which I characterized afterward as hostile, I didn't think they were going to hire me at all. Apparently those with an EMS background have a proclivity to get "bored" with clinical work. Clinical work is not boring. I hardly know where the days go. My primary complaint is that it is not what I have been trained (and want to) do. I am still learning a lot, and I'm glad for a full-time gig, but it is a huge relief to know I won't be burning bridges if something more in line with my training surfaces. Unlikely, but hope springs eternal.

In the mean time, the dark is bothering me but the cold is not. The Subaru's engine block heater shorted out, and her check engine light has been on since the first cold snap in October, so we're biting the bullet (after a huge repair job on the Ford two months ago) and taking her into the dealership Monday. I think the cold is bothering her a lot more. I just hope she starts in the morning.

Peter made tacos for me tonight, as well as mixing some amazing new Vodka & Lemon drink he's created which is perfectly slushy after sitting out on the porch for fifteen minutes at thirty five below.
In light of the vodka, the pager is off. Goldstream, you are on your own tonight.


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