An update on our adoption by Taku:

We have been displaced. Our landlady downstairs has catfood and a dog that's not quite so high-energy (intimidating?) as our dear Lion Hound. The cat disappeared for a few days. I finally ran into my landlady, who was desperate to find out why the cat wouldn't use the litter box she provided, but insisted on being let out. Apparently their warmer apartment, older dog and (presumably) better tasting kitty kibble, has ousted us from the running.

Nyssa, for her part, was hurt by the move. A few days ago, she cornered the cat in the yard (asking her, no doubt, why she hadn't been around for the past few nights.) The cat had few words, but a sharp swat in reply. Nyssa came back with a bleeding scalp and is now working on healing up the newest of her collection of scars.

In related news, my friend Janelle told me that there are people who cross-breed Border Collies and Burmese Mountain Dogs - the very breeds we were trying to decide between. So we have our next cat (a Maine Coon, whose name we have already picked out) and dog all lined up. Our house is filling up, and we don't even have one!


beholdhowfree said...

Ridgebacks, Burmese Mountain Dogs, Maine Coons....buy a llama and a shetland pony, and you would be Michael Jackson!

maria said...

For the record: we are planning on a cow, a couple of goats, a fuzzy mongolian camel, at least two horses (at least one of them draft), unlimited barn cats, a 5-dog sled team, and I would personally love to have a hedgehog.