My landlords have disappeared (I harbor some concern ... last time their van was gone for this long, Norm was having a quadruple bypass.) The weather has fallen well below freezing. And Taku has returned to us. Although she has food out under the landlord's porch, she was waiting by my door two nights ago, ducking against snow flurries. She spent most of the night trying to get into the bedroom with me. Nyssa has learned this is fruitless. Taku was frightened by my stamping, flailing, fatigue angred figure several times before she gave up mewling at the bedroom door. She has been with us two nights now, but I hold no illusion it will last. She disappeared this morning through the bathroom window, but there is still no sign of my landlords' van. I let both of the animals into the bedroom this morning (I was groggy with the inklings of a head-cold and wanted some creature comfort.) Taku hopped up onto the bed near the window, and began an hour-long bath. Nyssa slunk in a few minutes later and curled up at my knees. Taku stopped her bath long enough to trot across my tummy and give Nyssa a kiss on the nose. I hope she stays for awhile.

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